The Co-operative Bank‘s Marketing Campaign

In June 2020, we were thrilled to be asked to take part in The Co-operative Bank’s latest marketing campaign ‘Together, we are people with a purpose’ after being accepted on their Customer Donation Fund. This was a fantastic opportunity to display some of the work we had been doing during the first lockdown, supporting over 400 families weekly!


We were lucky enough to be on their newsletters, posters, radio advert, social media content, video advert, part of their collaboration with Hits Radio Pride and even the lead case study in their Sunday Express news article. The radio adverts were played across 11 national radio networks with over 60 million opportunities to hear, the video adverts were viewed 957,000 times and the social media content was viewed over 30 million times across all social media platforms! This was an incredible opportunity and we are very grateful to The Co-operative Bank for all their support in 2020.


Please see below for some of The Co-operative’s Bank’s marketing material including Feeding Gainsborough: