Scotter Primary School Children’s Meal Bags

Feeding Gainsborough are so grateful to receive children’s meal bags, weekly, from Scotter Primary School. These bags are there to replace the free school meal and snack the child would’ve gotten from school if it was open – helping to relieve the financial strain of having children at home whilst they are closed.


Each food hamper bag contains 5 days’ worth of children’s hot dinners and snacks for one child, with recipe cards on how to use the produce inside! This is an amazing initiative to ensure all families are able to use all the ingredients to the best of their ability and give inspiration for meals they may not have tried to make themselves before.  We have redistributed this week’s food bags to our family networks and mini food pantries for the children at these locations to benefit from.


Thank you so much to Scotter Primary School for donating us these bags – we are very impressed by the quality and thought that has gone into them.