Anonymous Stories – PIP Application Success!

Believe me PIP applications can sometimes take up to 3 years!


Our Feeding Gainsborough Support Team assisted a young lady who finally won her case in the court this week against DWP. This young lady was diagnosed with autism when she was very young and was in receipt of the higher rate DLA as a child. When she turned 16 she decided as she lived at home she didn’t want to apply in her own right.


At 18 she moved out and went to university. Academically she is able to function, however, this is with the assistance from a number of university mentors. She decided to apply for PIP at the start of her university course and was awarded 0 points. That was 3 years ago. She came to see us in 2018 regarding her mandatory reconsideration and we assisted her. Despite this, again, she was unfairly awarded 0 points. Whilst she was able to cope with her academic work, she was unable to care for herself without the help of her parents and siblings. We made the decision to take the case to appeal and the hearing was via a video link on Friday.


It was a fantastic result and she was finally awarded the full award of PIP for her circumstances. The irony is she will be leaving university this summer. However, she now has options for her future and a nice little nest egg to be able to start her new life. A rewarding end to a long, long battle!