Community Fridge and Freezer

On the 4th January 2021 the government announced the third national lockdown across the UK. We are aware this will present many challenges for both our organisation and individuals and families impacted by the extra costs or reduced income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our organisation came together to think of a response that still supports those in need in our community as well as protecting the health of our volunteers and agreed to establish a Community Fridge and Freezer outside our new unit at 4 Market Place, Gainsborough. Anybody in need is welcome to come and collect food from these units for free and this will be available 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.


These will be topped up daily, alongside our current rack of ambient goods, bakery and fresh fruit and vegetables, with a wide selection of foods to allow people in need the dignity of choice over the foods they require. We also have a free food rack up the hills outside of Affordable Foods Gainsborough, which is also topped up daily 6 days a week.

We encourage all in our community to take responsibly for what you need and leave enough for others.